Absinthe Hour

Absinthe, an alcoholic drink often referred to as the green fairy, originated in Switzerland in the 18th century, and gained great popularity in 19th century France. Popular among the “bohemian culture” of artists and writers including Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde and Vincent van Gogh. Some say it is a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug. Others claim it provided inspiration to many. Is it good or bad? Dangerous or desirous? Here, we’re all about cutting edge, whether it’s fashion or technology or recreation or lifestyle. Maybe something will be of interest for a lifetime, or maybe just an hour. Thus, we’re The Absinthe Hour.

Electronic Hookahs Make Smoking Fashionable Once Again

A hookah is normally classified as a product which includes a water pipe that’s built for the smoking of tobacco. It came from India many centuries ago and next migrated to the Middle East. Tobacco would be the preferred ingredient of the hookah, but certain individuals sometimes make use of unlawful drugs such as opium, thus making some people see the hookah in a negative light. Among the attractions of the shisha is that it incorporates smoking in a fashion that will enable one to relax and in addition motivates chatting.

The fumes from the shisha travels through water that cools the fumes and causes the bubbling sound synonymous with the shisha. The conventional shishas utilize tobacco and emits smoke and tar, however with the latest innovations in technology, smoking a shisha isn’t a physical health dilemma due to the fact there’s no consumption of tobacco. Contemporary hookahs haven’t simply improved in style — they deliver similar function without the utilization of tobacco. Such products don’t send out smoke and are accordingly safe for smokers in regards to health issues.

Thanks to resourceful inventions and technological advances, smokers are now able to take pleasure in the shisha in a completely different variation. An e-hookah is an electronic vaporizer that is a bit like the e-cigarette, but the apparatus appears like a normal shisha. Distinct from the traditional shisha, though, this revolutionary product will not send out smoke or tar. They supply the capacity to smoke water vapor instead of tobacco smoke. It is available in either disposable form or with a rechargeable battery and cartridges.

Electronic hookahs only send out water vapor and so are not noxious for the user as well as individuals near the user. At this point people who are concerned with their overall health or are undecided whether to use a shisha or not could effortlessly go with an electric hookah. The smoking community now can employ this well built and reasonably priced supplemental smoking solution and turn free from the unwanted effects that are involved with tobacco choices. This is nice for people who don’t want traditional tobacco smoke around kids or even pets. And speaking of pets, if you’re a dog lover, and are having problems finding a date who shares your passion for pets, consider checking out one of the dog dating sites such as Doggy Double Date to find a suitable companion! If you aren’t in to pets, but are still looking for a companion to share a smoke with, consider renting a girlfriend for the hour, or for the day!.

Doggy Double Date

Doggy Double Date

Is smoking fashionable? It was for quite awhile. Then it wasn’t. Now, with the modernization of the electronic hookah, smoking may again be back in vogue. There are many Internet hookah, or shisha, outlets and you may readily get the shisha based on your preference. You’ll find a range of models offered and they are cheap and uncomplicated to use. The disposable e-hookah isn’t reusable although the kind using a battery may be refilled and the cartridges will be easily exchanged.

The e-shisha is a nice replacement for those that smoke who are serious about their health yet just want to discover the full essence of tobacco at a budget friendly rate. The device has gathered popular appeal and will effectively give smokers the same sensation as the normal shisha. The unit is without risk and dependable as it may be utilized at any type of public space without impinging on the well being of individuals close by. This smoking appliance is compact and light and lightweight and can be conveniently toted any place. With electronic hookahs you can buy different flavors and the aroma never will remain in your room or on your clothes. It’s possible to now smoke without ever being worried regarding your health and wellness and the natural environment.

This unique progressive design of the e-hookah combines the latest technologies and ensures the smoker the best possible smoking experience. You will easily discover a wide variety of flavors to select from and the e-shisha retailers offer thoroughly tested e-liquids that meet the top safety and quality measures. Just one of the top reasons for e-hookahs currently being so well received is they are viewed as a safe substitute for classic hookahs. Since the e-hookah will never make any smoke, it can be put into use any place including dining establishments and workplaces. If you’re serious about health and wellness and at the same time want to delight in the feeling of smoking, then the electric shisha is a good way to go.

Driving In Style Renting a Luxury Car in Los Angeles

Although many people wish they could, those who have the financial opportunity to own a luxury sports car are relatively few in number. The two groups, dreamers and the rich, will enjoy this article about luxury sports cars. Considering that the majority of luxury cars have not a lot of versions, they are very expensive. Generally you can only find them with two doors, because that is part of the strategy for making them high-performance. Many car makers produce luxury sports cars that are so exceptional that they fall into a class of their own, appealing to the select few who get pleasure from driving a car with unstinted luxury.

To be able to get an idea of how they measure up in terms of prices and features, let’s look at a small cross-section of luxury sports cars. Among the most expensive and luxurious sports cars there is one that stands out in many ways, namely the Ferrari F430 Spider. It’s almost the fastest car in the world, second only to one other, if perhaps speed means a lot to you, with Ferrari having clocked it doing 193 miles per hour. Ferrari has become consistent in always pursuing only the best with its cars, and getting to this incredible speed confirms that. It possesses a 486 HP engine and is believed to showcase Ferrari’s best F1 technology, but will only cost you $180,000.

You’ve probably noticed that exotic car costs are over the top. You can still get the excitement of driving a Lamborghini or other exotic car by renting rather than owning. This is especially an option if you live in a large metropolitan area like Los Angeles. Big cities usually have auto rental agencies that specialize in high-end vehicles.



Once they released their 2007 series, Jaguar highlighted the expensive and luxurious XK as their star attraction. The updated features have a bonded-aluminum platform, rendering it on the list of lightest of the Jaguar designs. It weighs a lot less than the earlier model which included the 4.2L double-overhead-cam engine. The Porsche Cayman may well be Porsche’s most seasoned sports car at any time. Some people are still fascinated by the automobile, even though it is certainly not the most expensive design, or fastest car on the market. They love the way it controls on the road with the mid-engine balance and the consistency of the steering wheels. The cost is $60,000 dollars, which places it unrealistic for mostly everyone, but if you’re looking for a superior sports car you won’t get better for even a lot more.

If you are one of those for whom speed is everything, the Corvette Z06 from Chevrolet is going to totally satisfy you. This vehicle will do as much as 200 mph, and if you want to go faster than that, you will need to get a Ford GT which costs $150,000. The ZO6 includes a 7-liter together with 505-hp engine, the same as the Le Mans C6R Corvette race car. Further elements include the construction of the front fenders being from carbon fibers, as well as a V8 with a dry sump.

If you want even more comparisons, there are a multitude of luxury sports cars out there. There is no lack of top-of-the range upscale cars in the sports car category.